How to Sew Through Sequin Fabric


Sequin fabric is like the dazzling peacock of the fabric world, captivating with its sparkle and allure. However, sewing with sequins can pose challenges. If you're eager to conquer the art of working with sequin fabric, I've gathered valuable tips and insights from my own experience. From choosing the right pattern to handling those pesky sequins, here are seven expert tips for sewing sequin fabric.

Opt for Simplicity:

When selecting a pattern, consider the stretchiness of your sequin fabric. Remember that sequins add bulk, so it's wise to choose a pattern with fewer pattern pieces. For example, go for designs like the Mesa Dress, which features a simple front and back without darts. Separates such as the Lou Box Top or Nita Wrap Skirt are also excellent options. These patterns have stood the sequin test with great success, as demonstrated by stunning creations shared by the sewing community.

Prepare for Sequin Fallout:

Sequins have a tendency to scatter everywhere during the cutting process. Place a drop cloth or a protective layer beneath your workspace to catch the sequins. Even after completing your project, be prepared to discover the occasional sequin here and there for months to come.

Embrace Lining:

Sequins can be scratchy and uncomfortable against the skin. To ensure a comfortable wearing experience, opt for a pattern that includes a lining or modify the pattern to add one. The lining will shield you from the irritation caused by the sequins.

Protect Your Tools:

Sequins have a knack for dulling blades, so it's advisable to use a pair of old scissors dedicated to cutting sequin fabric. Avoid using your serger, as sequins can cause damage. By Hand London suggests using a leather needle, as it can pierce the fabric without any issues. Additionally, if your sequin fabric has stretch, choose a stitch that offers stretchability while avoiding the use of a serger. A narrow zig-zag stitch can work wonders.

To Remove or Not to Remove:

Removing sequins from the seam allowance is a personal choice. If your sequins are small and you're short on time or prefer a more effortless approach, it's perfectly acceptable to skip the removal process. Although some purists may disagree, the reality is that the effort involved in removing sequins can be quite tedious. Consider your own preferences and the significance of the garment before deciding whether or not to remove the sequins.

Press with Caution:

While you shouldn't directly iron sequins, achieving flat seams is crucial. Finger pressing might suffice, but if you require more pressure, try using a rolling pin or a similar tool to flatten the sequins gently. Remember to be cautious and avoid subjecting the sequins to excessive heat, as they can become damaged.

Sidestep Topstitching:

Sequin fabric doesn't lend itself well to topstitching. However, with the presence of a lining, you can achieve a clean finish by slip-stitching the hem to the lining. If your fabric has stretch, use a hand stitch that offers elasticity. You can find a tutorial on this technique for stretch fabrics in my comprehensive guide. By following these seven expert tips, you'll be better equipped to take on the captivating world of sewing with sequin fabric. Embrace the glamour, overcome the challenges, and create stunning garments that reflect your unique style.

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